Saturday, October 1, 2011


I've walked around downtown Guelph many times.  Sharing stories with friends, listening to the traffic or music from my iPod.  Each experience is always different.  Today, while walking with my friend Ashley, she told a story that has changed my perspective of a large part of the downtown square.

The beautiful fountain and sculpture of mother, father and child is something many walkers pass daily.  Sometimes without even noticing it.  I'll always notice it and laugh now.

As Ashley and I walked by she asked if I had heard the story of the basketball baby.  To which I replied "no", with a confused look on my face.  Ashley went on to tell me the simple story about how the sculpture in the fountain is known as the "basketball baby", because the parents look as if they are dunking the child like a basketball.

A simple walk.  A simple story.  Yet my perspective of the sculpture in downtown Guelph has changed dramatically.

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