Friday, October 21, 2011

Final Project - Inital Thoughts

Walk Until The Music Tells You To Stop

Tomorrow, I plan to go out for my first walk.  I have been thinking a lot about how I want the piece to be composed as to be both understanding and appealing in the final video.  I am really interested and inspired by Lee Walton's short videos, and easy composition.  From a few of his videos is where I have started my thoughts.

The other day I took 2 test shots of how I thought I wanted the videos to appear.  After testing them I think I have came up with the following decisions:
-  have a short video for every new song I listen to.  This will set up a new location and in a sense give the viewer a sense of walk duration
-  When the song finally tells me to stop, i will stop within the frame.  I don't think I will contunie walking like I did in my test shots.

At this point I am still unsure if this will work, but I will try it out tomorrow and take it from there.

I like the first videos composition more, however, I feel like a more straight on angle and wider view would like nicer.  I don't think its necessary to take the ipod out, nor is it to keep walking.

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  1. Hi Michelle, I'm so glad to see you've done some tests, and you are using the blog to work things out. I appreciate so many of your posts of your work, and of others' works, it's a useful blog to read! Good work! Looking forward to more,