Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Man in the Plaid Shirt.

On one of my walks today for my final piece, I was confronted by a man about what I was doing.  Since my project requires me to have my iPod in, I did, so when the man followed me I didn't hear him until he eventually tapped me on the shoulder.

I had just previously walked by his house, that was under construction, and he was asking me why I was taking pictures of his house.  I explained that I wasn't and told him that I was doing an art project as part of the university.  The man and I ended up having a rather lengthy conversation.

He told me how the neighborhood has been complaining about his construction and someone has been sneaking around taking pictures of his house, and he doesn't know why.  He explained he was suspicious of me.  I explained if I was sneaking around taking pictures I wouldn't be wearing a bright red jacket.  After we laughed and he further explained the construction on his house and the problems he was encountering, he asked what exactly I was doing.

I explained our class to him, and the piece I was working on.  He told me he thought all art "had to be in a frame."  We jokingly discussed our different views on art until the point where he asked to see my video of his house.  I explained it was just me walking by and showed him.  He thought too much of the house was in the frame, and I suspect didn't really believe my background story, so I deleted it for him, at his request.

Sadly, the video is gone as I wanted to respect his request, but the talk we had about art and his house problems was truly unique and funny.

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