Monday, November 14, 2011

Final Piece

Walk Until The Music Tells You

From the critique on Tuesday there are a few aspects of the piece I would like to further play with.
I would like to see, and plan on editing the video to include "stops" or "breaks" in between each walk so the viewer is aware of what is taking place, and has a few seconds to take into consideration what they are viewing.  I am also debating on the need to put in the time of each walk.  The reasoning I didn't go ahead and do it originally was I liked the surprise the length of each "series".  I also assumed the viewer would get a general idea of how long the walks were based on the number of videos.  On the other hand I feel like the viewer would like the immediacy of the information and perhaps have a better understanding of the piece if the time was included up front.  Overall, I am fairly happy with the overall look of the piece.

I tried adding the time information and break in between the walks.  Just to see how it looked I added it before the first two walks.  I think I much prefer this way as it satisfies the issues brought up in class.


  1. such a cool video michelle.
    i think that the repetitiveness of you stepping outside and unraveling your headphones works well with this video. i also really enjoy how the music starts just as you press 'play' on your iPod - very effective.
    maybe you should make videos more often ;)

  2. Hi Michelle, I love the adaptations to the video - they work really well in the show! bravo!