Saturday, November 19, 2011

An Altered Shopping Walk

Shopping is such a leisurely activity that has subtle rules for walking.  You try to avoid all people, slow down in you think you will run into someone and walk in the flow of traffic.

This Friday night to Saturday morning, the "normal" or "expected" walking experience of shopping was shifted.  Clothing company H&M was doing a collaboration with major fashion house Versace.  The combining of the two companies created one line that gave you the look of high couture with a much smaller price tag.  This event was worth waiting hours and line for, and so we did.

The shopping experience started with an act of non-walking: waiting in line.  The waiting eventually lead to two major walks.  The first was an escorted and orderly walk into the mall to be section into shopping groups.  The second was the unusual free for all walk caused by this once in a life time opportunity.  

From 12:30am Saturday morning, until 5:30am we waited in line outside the mall with hundreds of other eager shoppers.  The closer to the front of the line ensured your chance to shop in time given slots for womens wear, while mens wear was first come first serve, but allowed into the store in the order you lined up.*

(We were 76th & 77th in line)

At 5:30am they escorted us inside Yorkdale mall to wait until 8am when the store doors opened.

After waiting two and a half more hours in line, we were allowed inside the store.  Each persons wrist band was checked and they were allowed in the store in the ordered in which they arrived to wait in line.  The men's wear line sold out in under three minutes.**

The simple act of shopping and the society trained way in which we walk while doing so was completely altered by a new set of rules and a frenzy of panicked shoppers.

* We were only there for men's wear as my friend Dillon took me to the Jimmy Choo sale 2 years ago, I needed to pay him back and accompany him to this event.  
** We got exactly what we came for.

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